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You will find that in most cases, the name Koi literally translates to "carp." In Japan, they also call them Chubs. When breeding these fish, the intent was to come up with a well balanced breed that would be desirable both for their color and their characteristics. They were not only bred for their beauty, but for their usefulness in Japanese waters. This is where luck truly can make its presence felt. Most prized varieties can survive quite a few years in proper pond conditions, but this does not mean that they are without any weaknesses.  
One very famous version of the game involves two players. One person acts as the host and sets the rules and parameters for the game. They will then hand over a small piece of colored paper to each of the players. On that piece of paper, the host will specify the starting hand and the amount of chips that must be dealt out. At that point, all bets are final and only the results of the last flip can decide who comes out on top.  
Lucky Koi slots can be found in a wide variety of places including online sites as well as offline brick and mortar casinos. When you are playing the game in a real casino, the odds can be drastically different than when you are using a slot machine. It may seem unlikely that such a small device could be the root of so much luck, but when you consider the close shave that is necessary to win and keep your bankroll intact, the machine really is the culprit.  
To get the most out of your play and to ensure that you have the best luck with this machine, you will need to understand how to interpret the various symbols on the machine's reels. On a typical machine, these symbols are displayed in what are called "chase" positions. Every time the symbols on the reels change, the corresponding number will change, moving you closer to the win. This means that even when you don't see the symbol that you want to bet on, keep playing - the chances are good that it will appear soon enough.  
In order to determine which machine you would like to play at and which machine you would like to stop playing at, you should first try to determine the numerical value of each symbol on the reels. For instance, if the symbol on the left hand side is a three, then this indicates that the winning number is three. The same holds true for the right hand side. However, if the symbol on the right hand side is a two, then this indicates that the winning number is two.  
This is a basic form of analysis that all machines use and one that can be used to predict the numbers that you want to win. Now that you know how to interpret the symbols on a machine's reels, you can use these odds to determine which machine you will play at. Since these odds will give you a very good estimate as to which machine will give you the highest probability of winning, it is generally advisable that you play on these machines more often.  
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