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The traditional penny slot machines will usually cost you around $2.5 per spin. But the brilliant new range of the quick hits slots lies beneath this exciting line up. In the case of the conventional ones, the symbols used in the payline are arranged in a sequence which may appear randomly while they are spinning. But with the modern designs, the symbols are placed in such a way that they will flash in an array of colors.  
These include bright red, bright yellow, fiery orange, neon green, and even clear blue. You will also find in these symbols, sequences of letters such as Q, S, A, R, K, and J. The best part about these symbols is that they are printed in a way that you can count them without looking at the symbols on the reels. Hence, you will know when the next symbol will appear on the paying line. Hence, you do not have to worry about which sevens or nuts you are going to receive, because you can depend on the symbols displayed on the reels.  
When you hear the sound of the reels, you can easily identify where the next symbol will be. Hence, you do not have to think too hard to win. For the first few spins, you may have a difficult time getting the five coins in a row, but after a few spins, you will get the five coins in a row and this is where the fun starts. This is the time that you will start dropping coins randomly and hoping that you can get a jackpot. Sometimes you can get lucky and get more than you expected, and this is the time when you can start betting real money.  
There are different types of quick hits slots that you can play at an online casino and all of these offer a different experience. The traditional slot machines use a series of levers that are used to activate a machine. When the lever is pulled, this causes a magnetic charge to be created on the coin that is inserted into the slot machine. This charge attracts more coins and this creates more spin, hence, creating a loop. The more coins you have in your loop, the higher the odds are of you hitting a jackpot.  
When you play regular slot games on the traditional machines, you will not have much luck trying to determine whether you are winning or not when playing a quick hit slot games. In comparison, with the quick hit series of slots, there are not any magnets or loops to balance out your chances. You do not have to worry about activating more than one lever at a time in order to win. There is no such thing as pulling a "bait" or enticing a player to drop a dime on the slot machine to increase your chances of winning.  
In the traditional slots, if all you do is pull one lever and watch it spin, eventually the machine will end and you will lose your last bet and possibly your shirt pocket too.  
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