Underwater Attractions

Grumman Airplane

Gilboa Quarry’s main attraction, the Grumman Gulf Stream Twin Turbo Prop Airplane is the largest complete airplane in any quarry in the United States. This Grumman Airplane is 65′ feet long 78′ feet wide and 23′ feet high. The plane was purchased in December of 2000 and set in place in April of 2001. Welcome Aboard! 

The plane now sets in 35′ feet of water just waiting to be explored. As you can see from the overhead photo the waters of Gilboa Quarry are crystal clear one of the many reasons why Gilboa Quarry is The Midwest’s Premier Dive Site!

Sikorsky Helicopter

Sunk in the shallow side, neighboring our famous Grunmann Airplane is a Sikorsky Helicopter. This aerial beast is over 60 feet long and 15 feet high. With a front, elevated cockpit and lower loading doors, the helicopter is open to wreck divers who wish to explore the inside of this sunken masterpiece. A side loading door and opposite side window also allow for entrances and exits to the hollowed out interior.

Tower Wreckage

Left over remnants from the quarry that existed prior to the flooding is the sunken tower wreckage that was used to assist the miners in their retrieval of limestone. This tower lies between the helicopter and the tubes at 50 feet. Explore a piece of history that spans over 50 feet, including an old water tower.

The Tubes

Lying at 60 feet are the famous “tubes”. Perfect for advanced or deep divers, theses massive corrugated swim-through’s are stacked with two on the bottom and one on top. Don’t forget to visit our flags hanging at the trees close by sprouting both the American Flag and Gilboa Flag.

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